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School violence

            Violence is defined as an act carried out with the intention, or perceived of causing physical pain or injury to another person. Violence is found even in schools, which were thought to be safe places. Many things must be done to identify students that may perform violent acts, discover the possible sources of violent behavior, and resolve this increasing problem. .
             The most effective method in stopping a violent act before it happens is to identify the student that may perform the act. This is not an easy task but cues such as aggressive behaviors in males, students that have failed to make a clear occupational choice, confusion about gender roles, and students that seem to not be well accepted. .
             Males have a naturally aggressive behavior when faced with what one perceives to be a threat. Students that have failed to make a clear occupational choice as well as students that have confusion with gender roles often feel like that have failed. According to Erik Erikson's observations on identity, this feeling of failure often leads to the formation of a negative identity for the student. This negative identity may cause teenagers to deliberately engage in forms of negative and violent behavior. Students that do not feel accepted often feel isolated and remote. This isolation can sometimes force a student to act out violently, like the Columbine incident. According to the article by Michael T. Barta, the foremost cause of aggression is the students" rejection of acceptance. I strongly agree with his opinion because many school shootings and other acts that have been publicized are the result of a child being tormented and isolated.
             Violence is not just the individuals" liability. Society, culture, and biological factors play a huge role in the students" aggression. The behaviors found in school tend to reflect those of society as a whole. If the area around the school is fierce and violent, the children learn from what they see.

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