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School Violence and Damaged Students

            February 2, 1996, fourteen-year-old Barry Dale Loukaitis, killed his algebra teacher and two students at Frontier Middle School in Moses Lake. One month later, on March 13, 1996, at Dumblance Primary School, the gunman Thomas Hamilton shot and killed sixteen children and one teacher, and then killed himself. Then two years later, Mitchell Johnson and Andrew Golden former middle school students, established a massacre at Westside Middle School. Four students and one teacher were killed and ten others were wounded outside. These events are a few beginning from 1996 to present, listed in "TimeLine of Worldwide School Shooting." This is a warning to high schools, primary schools, and even college schools. Thus, preventive measures have been taken by the government. However, recently, these issues have increased, complex development and become a hot subject. Therefore, parents, school officials, and government need to focus on the causes such as video games, television, and environment around students in order to prevent to violence school issue.
             More players of video games are created each year, but have these questions been thought about: Does mass media influence aggressive behavior? Specifically, does video games cause young people to act aggressively? According to the article, "Growing Up Fast and Furious," Wayne Warburton and Danya Braunstein provide comprehensive poll about Americans ages playing video games:.
             American children aged 8-18 play an average of eight hours of video games per week, an increase of over 400 per cent from 1999. Playing is heaviest in the 11-14 age group, with boys outplaying girls more than 2.5 hours to 1. A recent study suggests that around 99 per cent of American boys play video games, along with 94 per cent of girls. It is common for US children and adolescents to play more than 20hours per week and it is not uncommon for males to play 40 hours more per week.

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