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Violence in Schools

             Violence is a major problem in schools today. It is not only in public schools, but also private schools. Violence is mainly stemmed from a lack of love or trust from either the students' peers or home environment. If an individual has a feeling of being neglected or unloved, it can cause them to do strange or unintentional actions. Therefore, it is crucial that each child have a feeling of love and care from the very start. .
             There are many things that can cause an individual to act violently in school. Neglect is the first and foremost cause of violence in schools. This includes one being "made fun of," not included in a particular activity, not having friends or acquaintances, not "fitting in," etc. Neglect is one of the worst feelings an individual can have. It is a feeling that can make one have hatred towards another individual or group of individuals. These feelings that start off as hurt or pain can lead to hate. Hatred can lead to actions that are violent and usually unintentional. These actions are unintentional because when one has hate they can not see or feel love. Peer pressure is the second main cause of violence in schools. Peer pressure can also cause an individual to do actions that are unintentional. Teenagers can easily be talked into doing something they do not necessarily want to do. If they are threatened to do something, that action becomes mandatory because they are scared. An example of this is someone involved in a gang or a clique. Being involved in a gang can be a threat to oneself and to those around him or her. Another cause of violence in schools is problems in the home taken out at school. Because of this particular reason, parents should make sure that their children have a feeling of love and security at all times. Some of these problems in the home could include: divorce, neglect, abuse, and the list continues. If the parents do not get along in the home, the children have no example to look up to.

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