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School Violence

            School Violence is a broad category and can be explained in many different ways. No matter what, all the different types of violence mean one thing danger and trouble. Today, it has become a big problem in society. Almost three-fourths of United States teens are afraid of violent crime amongst their peers (Lantieri 386). .
             School violence exists due to many causes. One cause could be drugs and gangs. Now that more and more people are selling and buying drugs, people are making money to buy weapons. Gang violence has been increasing steadily. The spread of gangs and drugs also correspond with the amount of violence concerning school youths (Glazner 14). There is also another cause that could provoke school violence, and that would be what some of us call "the outcasts-. These are people that have been bullied, pushed around, teased, and simply want revenge for something that has happened to them in the past. There is even the controversial issue of certain films, music and video games provoking school violence. For example, violence in some of our well-known comedy shows, such as Saturday Night Live and Lethal Weapon 3 could be part of these messages that get sent out to our school age youth (Glazner 802. These messages seem to say that violenceis ok. The media make violence look !.
             glamorous. According to a recent study, 47% of violent acts on television do not harm the victim. Eighty-six percent of violent acts have no negative repercussions: No one dies, no one goes to jail, no one's life is ruined. And 73% of the time, the perpetrator of television violence goes unpunished (National Television Violence). Therefore, by disguising the consequences of violence, the media in many ways, can tie into the reason of why school violence exists.
             As in many types of school violence, there are warning signs. These warning signs appear for all types of school violence. Whether it is rape, verbal/sexual/physical assault, battery with or without weapon, the warning signs are similar.

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