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Causes of school violence

             "What Causes School Violence? It would be easier for adults to control school violence if there were only one reason why it happens, but there is no one cause.(Kidshealth)" The causes of school violence are complicated and numerous. There are three main causes for school violence witch includes the media, school harassment, and social problems. The media influences children by showing them violent acts in movies, video games, and music. School harassment includes peer pressure, bullying, and teasing. The social problems consists of child abuse, a culture of violence, and poor peer relations.
             Firstly, the media plays an important role in the cause of school violence. Today movies are part of our youths culture. "There were the violent movies, like Natural Born Killers, which the gunmen watched over and over again."(tenth) This refers to the shooters at columbine highschool who would watched the movie "Natural Born Killers" repetitively." "It's just murder, man. All God's creatures do it." With that comment came a long discourse on his claims of the benefits, blessings, and positive elements of murder. Many scenes and sequences in the movie portrayed glorification and praise of the murdering duo."(capalert) This glorification of violence can push a already disturbed mind toward murder. Next, violent video games also contribute to school violence in much of the same way movies do."There were the video games they played, too, with their casual killings and gruesome effects. In fact, one student said the killers acted like they were playing a video game, choosing their targets at random and laughing when they died.(tenth)" The students where obviously deeply effected by video games. Music is also a factor in school violence. "shoot the kids at school all in a bloody pool i'll show the teachers too 'cuz they can't tell me what to do * getting C's and D's saying thanks and please ya broke the golden rule yer staying after school"(lyricsrock) These are lyrics form the band "Leftover Crack" blatantly expressing and glorifying the idea of school violence.

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