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Violence in the school

             Recently, it has been brought upon to me about the increasing amount of violence that is occurring throughout the school. While accepting the fact that violence occurs throughout our daily lives, it cannot be fully abolished from society. We have to promote safety amongst our students to give them a better understanding of both the causes and effects of violence. In addition we should look at the fact that gang violence, racial discrimination and drugs are the main causes of the violence in the schools.
             So how does violence affect the students? It affects the students by creating an unsafe learning environment due to the fear of being a victim. I don't believe that any student wants to wake up in the morning and be terrified to go to school, no one wants to have that feeling. One form of violence in the school today is gang violence, this deals more with ethnic groups, for instance, Tamils, Greeks, Italians and Chinese gangs. Many innocent people are getting hurt through the cross-fire of these rivalries in the schools. One way of preventing these foolish acts of violence is to increase security measures to ensure that weapons or other harmful material is not available on campus. This doesn't mean we have to go to the extreme scenario of doing random locker checks and bag checks like they do in some schools in the states, just having security cameras is a start.
             Racial discrimination against peers causes many acts of violence in the schools, this I believe is the worst form and act. When people commence to slander ethnic groups, religions/beliefs or anything that will discriminate against an individual, it's a form of hate that builds animosity and tension, this type of violence in our schools is growing and has become a cause for concern. Part of the reason for this, is that some believe that schools don't pay enough attention to those students that have a problem, pretty much pushing them away.

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