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School Violence

            What have our schools come to? On Friday our class discussed guns in school, the shooting of a boy near Charlestown High School, and how safe we feel at school. Charlestown High student and the school police officer where shot about 500 feet from the school, as it was letting out. Neither was seriously injured, but how are we, the students, supposed to be able to go to school feeling safe after all that has happened in our schools in the past year. School should be a place where children are free to express their feelings and not have to worry about saying the wrong thing, to the wrong person, at the wrong time. .
             Personally, I believe it is more a city issue then a school one. How are these children getting these guns? It is too easy for a child to get a gun these days! Parents should also realize that, if there is a gun in the house for any reason, they should lock the gun up and not just keep it around for their children to find. What ever happened to a good fistfight? .
             Many people I have talked to say that they do feel safe in their school. I, on the other hand, do not. It is a shame that it has come to this; where a student cannot feel safe in his/her own school. I fear that somebody, or I, might say the wrong thing to another student someday, and that might just be the last straw. Taking the bus home from school has also become an issue. My uncle now brings me to school, and my mom picks me up. A friend of mine used to care a pocketknife in her backpack for protection. .
             I believe that my generation is more accepting of people having guns, taking drugs, or being in a gang. Actually, many have not "accepted", such as myself, but rather are aware of it. We understand the risks in the world today better then the generation before us. This may be because we see it everyday, in our friends, television, in movies. We are growing up with violence in our lives. It has become just another factor in the world.

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