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Documentary - The Weight of a Nation

            The Weight of the Nation is a four-part documentary that explains the epidemic of obesity in the Unites States. The documentary brings together a series of long term scientific studies and national facts that supports the problem of obesity in America. The four parts bring together possible causes and effects of the body being overweight. There are many things that causes obesity; over eating. Lack of exercise, genetic and environmental DNA. .
             I find it extremely sad that the United States as a nation is suffering from obesity. I do though understand some of the causes of it. And I also believe that their many things that we as a nation can do to lower the percentage of obesity. Individuals alone shouldn't have to deal with obesity, the Government, Schools, Parents and communities should come together to help the cause against Obesity and stop it from hurting our children and adults. America can be economically and socially affected by the obesity epidemic but not many people realize this so they don't put much effort into ideas and strategies against obesity. People who are overweight are at higher risk or heart diseases and illness.one in three adults are obese in the united states. And one in three children in the united states are suffering from obesity and might not live longer than their parents due to obesity and over eating. America in my opinion is a land of oversized plates and fatty, high fructose menu's. this may be true but there are also many things that we can do to help stop the rise of obesity and practice healthy living and eating to nutrition rather than for no reason. America can be great but first we need to understand what is bringing the nation down and causing many illnesses of nation. The documentary goes across America to help give people an understanding of the obesity epidemic and many causes, scary facts, and challenges that affect the nation. The film goes around the nation to show how each a zone of the nation is affected as a whole.

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