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Nutrition and Vegetarianism

            Are you an uninformed adult who doubts the vegetarian lifestyle? Vegetarianism offers benefits no other lifestyle would come close to; such as better health and a whole new mind and body. Don't we all want a healthy lifestyle? While vegetarianism may bring bad consequences, if properly educated, vegetarianism can be beneficial to your health. Although, we are taught that meat is rich in protein and your body needs it to function, there are alternate sources of protein available that are equivalent in nutrients. There are many benefits that come from being an educated vegetarian, and it is important that all people gain knowledge about vegetarianism before they place judgments on people who choose this lifestyle.
             Statistics and medical facts prove that vegetarianism can benefit the body in the same, if not better, ways than meat can. In the United States alone, the total direct medical costs due to meat consumption were $30-60 billion a year (Craig). Diseases such as: cancer, diabetes, hypertension, gallstones, obesity and food-borne illness are more present in an omnivore lifestyle (Craig). Winston Craig, a professor of nutrition at Andrew University, says, "People who consume higher amounts of fruits and vegetables have about one-half the risk of cancer, especially the epithelial cancers (n.pag.)." Many doctors do not recommend red meat, because it is very fatty and causes preventable illnesses. Instead, most doctors recommend "cancer-protective" foods such as: whole grains, green leaf vegetables, various herbs, and beans (Craig). .
             Studies have also shown that nuts and whole grains tend to lower rates of diabetes (Craig). Most vegetarians have low cholesterol levels because they consume foods that are rich in soluble fiber, such as dry beans, carrots, and apples. Statistical and medical facts demonstrate the positive outcomes that vegetarianism offers, because unlike omnivores, most vegetarians do not eat all the fat and hormones that most people eat.

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