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Living Vegetarian

             The word vegetarian was created by the Vegetarian Society of the United Kingdom in about 1847. The word does not come from vegetable as many people assume. It is from the Latin word "vegetarian" which means to enliven. The practice of vegetarianism goes back into history and will continue on far into the future. Vegetarianism is a system based on scientific principles, and a diet free from poisons and bacteria of diseased animals. It is a great diet for a person's optimal physical, mental, and spiritual development.
             In simple terms, a vegetarian is someone who does not eat meat or any kind of animal flesh. Someone who eats poultry or fish and says they are a vegetarian is sadly mistaken. Birds and fish are animals and someone who eats their flesh cannot be considered vegetarian, although it is a good first step toward venturing into a meatless lifestyle. But not all vegetarians are the same. Today vegetarians fall into three different categories. A Lacto-ovo Vegetarian is a person who decides to eat no meat, poultry or fish, but includes dairy products and eggs in the diet along with plant-based foods. A Lacto Vegetarian is someone who eats no meat or eggs but does eat dairy products. Then there are the strictest of the non-meat eaters, they are called vegans. A vegan would be someone who refrains from eating all animal flesh, animal by-products and clothes and merchandise made by injuring or killing an animal such as honey leather, wool or feathers.
             People choose to become vegetarian for many reasons, most commonly out of compassion for animals. Many vegetarians will tell you that it's hard to eat something that they know once possessed a beating heart and a soul just like themselves. Many times people who grew up with animals as pets are more inclined to be opposed to the killing of innocent animals for the use of food. Some choose to become vegetarian because they believe that the meat industry is damaging the environment, and the land which is used for cattle could be put to better use by growing more plant crops, which in turn could feed more people.

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