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A Rationale for Vegetarianism

             Vegetarianism is a frequently debated topics in society. Scientists, activists, and even the average citizen have all joined in the discussion of whether or not vegetarianism is the way to go. However, even more important than if vegetarianism is right, is why such people take up vegetarianism. There are several reasons attributed, and some dispute and difference of opinion over said reasons. Although some people see it as caused by a guilt conscience from meat consumption, there are in fact bodily, spiritual, and social aspects of adopting vegetarianism that are clearly the true reasons. As such, it can be claimed that adopting a vegetarian lifestyle can be quite beneficial due to a wide range of reasons supporting it.
             The purpose of this article is to provide an insight into the diverse range of perspectives on the benefits and reasons to support vegetarianism. It has been long thought of as simply a way to get over the feelings of guilt from eating animals, but the truth of the matter is much more complex. Thus, the three main points of view concerning being a vegetarian will be looked at: physiological reasons, spiritual reasons, and socio-political reasons. .
             Some of the limitations of this research are the apparent lack of opposing perspectives. In focusing on rationale behind vegetarianism, not much attention is given to the reasons that many continue to support consumption of meat. In addition, there are much more than just three different perspectives on vegetarianism (as discussed in the article). However, for the sake of time, not all of them were included, which may lead the reader to a skewed perspective on vegetarianism. .
             Review of Literature.
             In the article "A Rhetorical Approach to Discussions about Health and Vegetarianism", Wilson discusses of some of the bodily attributes/approaches to vegetarianism. In particular, there have been many "scare" type of events that have caused widespread panic and shifted eating trends towards vegetarianism, such as the "Mad Cow Disease" in Britain.

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