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            Vegetarianism is a rapidly growing way of life. Some people even say it's a trend, the in thing to do. But what does a person seriously considering becoming a vegetarian need to know about vegetarianism? The three most important things to know about vegetarianism are what it is, why one would choose to become vegetarian, and how to have a healthy vegetarian diet.
             The first thing to know about vegetarianism is exactly what it is. All vegetarians aren't the same; there are actually three types of real vegetarians. The first type of vegetarian is a lacto-ovo-vegetarian. They eat both dairy products and eggs, but do not consume meat. It is fairly easy to get enough nutrients with a lacto-ovo diet. The second style of vegetarianism is very similar to the first. A lacto-vegetarian eats dairy but no meat or eggs. Very few people choose to be a lacto-vegetarian because most people think that eating eggs is very similar to eating dairy products because of the way that each is produced. The third and strictest form of being vegetarian is vegan. Vegans avoid all foods that come from animals in any way, including both dairy and eggs. Many vegans also try not to use animal products like leather or furs because of their belief in animal rights. The most extreme vegans even refuse to eat vegetables grown in soil that contains fertilizer made of animal waste. Many other people have reduced their intake of meat, given up red meat, or only eat fish and claim to be vegetarian. To be a true vegetarian, however, one must not eat any flesh. .
             The second thing one should learn is why a person would decide to eliminate meats and possibly other animal products from their diet. There are many reasons that may cause a person to become a vegetarian. Many people adopt a vegetarian diet to benefit personal health. The average vegetarian consumes less saturated fat and cholesterol than a person who includes meat in their diet.

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