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Meat is Murder

             Vegetarianism is a good idea for anyone, whether young or old, healthy or sick. Reasons supporting vegetarianism are inarguable since becoming a vegetarian is scientifically proven to improve one's lifestyle in several different ways. First and most importantly, vegetarianism improves one's health tremendously. Secondly, it can improve or display one's ethics and beliefs. Another reason for changing to a vegetarian lifestyle that most people don't know is for the ecology and our surroundings. All of the above reasons and many more show that vegetarianism is a wonderful enhancement to anyone's overall life.
             Health should be a considerable priority in every individual's life and vegetarians are proven to be healthier than carnivorous humans in various ways. First, medical studies show that a human being's body was not made to be carnivorous (for example; humans have no fangs or claws) and because our digestive system was not made to digest meat, a vegetarian diet is much easier and healthier for our bodies. Patterns of heart disease and colon cancer are much higher for people who eat meat as researched by "The Agricultural Circular- Livestock and Meat" Secondly, as known around the world, the most common cause of death is heart attack and the average person is at a 50% risk while a vegetarian person is at a 4% risk. The reason for this is a vegetarian's calorie and cholesterol intake is much lower than that of a meat eating person. The U.S.D.A did a study that shows the calorie and cholesterol content for meat and dairy (animal derived foods) have more than double of both per gram as compared to vegetable and grains. A Fact most don't think about is that every one out of three chickens is infected with salmonella bacteria. Not only that but there are so many other diseases to be caught from animals for example mad cow disease. This disease basically destroys your brain so that within a few months you are completely a vegetable, yes it has been found in the U.

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