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Animal Rights

            Thesis Statement: I believe that becoming a vegetarian is one of the best things you can do to improve your health, environment, and the advancement of our planet.
             I. Introduction.
             A. (Attention Getter) Have you ever thought about why you eat what you eat?.
             B. (Justification) I have some information about why becoming a vegetarian could save your life and the environment.
             C. (Speaker Credibility) I have done extensive research and I know a lot of .
             D. (Preview) In this outline I will cover my views of 3 topics.
             1.) (Significance/Harms) Eating meat and dairy products is harmful to your health and the environment. .
             2.) (Inherency) The problem can't be solved because people don't know about it and because we are taught otherwise.
             3.) (Solvency) You can help solve the problem by not eating as much meat and thinking about what I tell you.
             II. Body.
             A. (Significance/Harms) Eating meat and dairy products hurts your body, it hurts the environment and it hurts the animals. .
             1.) Eating meat is unhealthy. .
             i. Meat and dairy diets are the main cause of heart attacks and strokes due to high cholesterol and saturated fats. Countries where the people's diet consists solely of starches and vegetables have the lowest risk (Ostriker, 2000).
             1. "Saturated fat and cholesterol clog arteries and block blood flow to heart or brain" (Robbins, 1997, p48). (experiment).
             ii. Meat and dairy are also causes of Osteopreosis. Eating a concentrated protein such as meat or cheese allows your body to lose more calcium then usual through your urine. The body replaces this mineral by drawing calcium out of the bones. So your 55 years old eating a philly cheese steak sandwich when all of a sudden you sneeze and crack a rib or two (Robbins, 1997, p. 57). .
             iii. Meat and dairy product fats increase growth of estrogen and testosterone which also increases prostate cancer and breast cancer (Swinglehurst, 1994).

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