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             Surviving without meat.
             Over the years vegetarianism has grown in popularity. It seems that wherever you go .
             vegetarian diet options at many restaurants are increasing and there seems to be growing .
             awareness of vegetarian issues. Major issues dealing with the capability of human body surviving .
             without meat diet. In order to answer this question, we must define vegetarian. Vegetarian is .
             someone who does not eat meat, fish, or poultry. Some vegetarians still eat dairy products and .
             egg. Vegetarians that avoid all animal products are called vegans. Vegans also avoid wearing .
             clothes that comes from animal skin. .
             Many vegetarians have concerns regarding issues of health. Whether they will get all the .
             essentials nutrients they needed from vegetarian diet. Necessary nutrients produced by meat diet .
             are protein, and vitamin B12. Human body only needs nine of the twenty-two essentials .
             components of protein for its normal functioning. Remaining thirteen components of proteins are .
             synthesized by body. These nine components of proteins can be received from green vegetables, .
             milk, nuts, legumes, and beans. Studies have proven that animal diet like red meat, which are high .
             in protein causes kidney stones. Unlike meat diet, vegetarian diet only gives body right amount of .
             protein, and have no evidence of disease cause by consuming proteins. .
             Other essential nutrients received from meat diet is vitamin B12. Studies have shown that .
             vitamin B12 can be easily supplied by dairy products and eggs. A one-fourth liter of milk or .
             hundred grams of cheese or one egg per day will supply the recommended daily consumption of .
             vitamin B12. However, scientific research so far have found no evidence of B12 deficiency .
             disease. Therefore, vegans do not have to search for food that provides vitamin B12.
             Other benefits of vegetarian diet is lower consumption of fat, if dairy products, seeds, and .

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