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An Overview of the Bullying Experience

            Every child experiences some form of fighting, teasing and difficult verbal or physical confrontations. It is common for children to verbally abuse or to threaten one another, yet when it becomes a habit, the situation turns more complicated. Bullying behavior can be seen all over the world. It may start at a very young age, even before school, and intensify during teenage years. There are many reasons behind this type of behavior. The victim may be smaller, weaker, which lets the bully attack. On the other hand, bullying is not the type of behavior that necessarily demands a great reasoning. In any case, bullying has serious long-term effects and consequences.
             Many people have horrible memories connected with high school because of the bullying they experienced. Actually, there are many types of bullying, such as physical, verbal, emotional and cyber bullying (Teenage Bullying). The most obvious form is physical bullying. It usually includes punching, kicking, and other harmful activities. The main aim is to instill fear in the one who is bullied. Verbal bullying is another common form of the aggressive behavior. It includes teasing, saying belittling things, using a great deal of sarcasm in order to humiliate the other person and to hurt his/ her feelings. Emotional bullying is perhaps not the most obvious form; yet, it provokes terrible consequences. It is designed to get others ostracize the one being bullied. Thus, a person feels alone and isolated. Cyber bullying implies humiliating and embarrassing text messages sent via cell phones or social networks. All forms of bullying are harmful to the child's mental state.
             It is crucial to learn the effects and consequences of bullying in order to understand the seriousness of the phenomenon. The most obvious one is that bullying can change the victim's personality. The person may become shy, self-conscious, and depressed. In the future, one may be afraid of participating in sports or public speaking.

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