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The Differential Theory and Criminal Behavior

             How Does Differential Association Theory Explain Criminal Behavior in Society?.
             Although some criminologists believe that individual traits and characteristics may play a role in the cause of criminals' antisocial behavior, most believe that social factors are the root cause of crime.
             Differential Association Theory is one of several theories in criminology (Sociological Theories of Crime), it has the view that crime arises from society's social structure or organization. This paper discusses the development of this theory and will explain how this theory influences criminal behavior in our society using illustrations and references.
             The development of the Theory of Differential Association was an important milestone in criminology. This theory became instrumental in integrating the view of sociology in the context of criminology[Bur66]. Since its development, the differential association theory has played an integral role in stimulating theoretical revisions and refinements; it has been applied in policies and programs and facilitated research[Mar10].
             Overtime Scholars and researchers have been divided over the validity of the theory, with some focusing on evaluating the theory empirically (based on observation or experience) by developing methods to operationalize the concepts stipulated in the theory. Other scholars such as [Kor78] have strongly rejected the differential association theory principles that agree with social control.
             This paper discusses the development of the differential association theory in relation to criminal/deviant (departing from the norm) behavior in our society and its strength's and weaknesses. I will try as much as possible to use local illustrations in explaining this theory.
             Overview and Development of the Differential Association Theory.

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