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             was raised as a normal child in a two-parent home. Even as a high school student he was creative, once he played the roll of a driver when his father was trying to obtain a loan from a bank pretending that he is rich. Another time he pretends to be a French teacher for few months in his own school. But his real life of crime began when his parents divorced. A judge wanted him to choose between living with his mother or father and that was a decision he wasn't able to make. He ran away. Because he was only 16 years old, work was hard to become. He changed a number on his driver's license and all of a sudden he was ten years older. .
             Abagnale's most famous crime was impersonating a Pan Am pilot for two years. At first, he did it so he could travel around the world for free. He would simply introduce himself at the airport saying he needed a ride and got to fly back using the jump seat. Everything, food and lodging, was billed to Pan Am. He became known as "The Skywayman." Being dressed as a pilot made it easy for him to cash his self-made checks at the airport and in different banks, after that he forged a Harvard Law diploma and a resident supervisor at a Georgia hospital. He managed to pass the Bar exam, and got himself a job in a state attorney general's office. .
             During this time in the United States, Frank was always in contact with his father. He was writing letters him constantly. These letters made it possible for the FBI to locate him and he was then forced to leave the country to Europe. Frank was arrested in a small village in France. On the way back to the United States with the FBI Agent who was chasing him for five years and he developed a strong strange relationship, Frank managed again to escape from the plane but unfortunately just for a short time. Arrested and sentenced to 12 years jail, the 26 year old was given a second chance by the American government. He was offered an early release in return for his skill and expertise, this early release was a result of a huge effort from the same agent who arrested him which he is now a close friend of Frank.

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