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Hedonism and the Desire Satisfaction Theory

            Imagine having all the money you could ever want, nice cars, fancy clothes, and beautiful women. Sounds like a very good life, doesn't it? Well, according to philosophers living the good life has to do with one of two theories, hedonism and desire satisfaction. The theory of hedonism focuses on happiness and pleasure while desire satisfaction theory clarifies the importance of fulfilling our desires. Later on I will compare the similarities and differences of hedonism and desire satisfaction theory. I will also explain their strength and weaknesses along with adding my own ideas to what living the good life should be about. .
             Both hedonism and desire satisfaction theory purpose that happiness, pleasure and desire are the main sources that measure the good life. The desire is determined by desire satisfaction theory and happiness along with pleasure attained through hedonism. These two theories are also very vague in the matter that they allow for each person to have their own model of a good life along with being the personal authority. Lastly, both desire satisfaction and hedonism avoid objective values, making them relative to what you want. .
             The main difference between hedonism and desire satisfaction theory is that in hedonism the only intrinsic good is pleasure, but for desire satisfaction there are multiple elements, or desires, that are applicable to making life good. Another difference between desire satisfaction and hedonism is that the outside world affects desire satisfaction but does not affect hedonism. Hedonists do whatever brings them pleasure but for desire satisfaction sometimes fulfilling their desire isn't possible because of outside elements that get in the way. The strengths for hedonism are its importance of pleasure, the vagueness, and how it follows common sense. As mentioned before according to hedonism the only intrinsic good is pleasure and the only intrinsic bad is pain.

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