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            For a while now I've been going through a long thought process wondering not "What is man? " but "What am I?- and where I belong in the garden maze known as life. My philosophy on all the topics that we've had in this course and those that I've experienced in my life are rather optimistic, hypocritical, and skeptical. I believe that human life is valued less than it should be, that it does have a meaning. Physical immortality is impossible and highly unlikely is metaphysical immortality. Do we have an identity of self? Well I think we do, just that we don't know how to look. Human nature is paradoxically crude and amazing. What we value in today's society is misguided and corrupt. We should value the inner self not the outer self and what it reacts with. This then flows into Hedonism. Thus we then can move into the idea of human freedom and discuss how we may be free. Does being free essentially make us strong? All in all this paper and the arguments involved in it are just trying to find a solution to the Problem of Evil. .
             "Always look on the bright side of life."" Sang the six members of Monty Python. Obviously they've figured out what meanings their lives have. Unfortunately, not everyone's life has the same meaning. I firmly believe that life does have meaning. The others: life can have meaning and life doesn't have meaning, do not catch my attention. If you look at Zorba and R.P. they understand that their lives have meaning and that they control their how and which they please. Depressed people, like Maria and the Rabbits, are those that have to be told what to do. They aren't themselves. They have no sense of life. They are those that live vicariously through others. There are times in life that you .
             question the meaningfulness of life. The subject of death is a prime example of how people begin to question the meaning of life. Death usually brings people down. It makes you wonder if there is a meaning of life, and if the recently deceased found it.

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