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Happiness Or Freedom?

            Happiness and Freedom or is it Happiness or Freedom?.
             Happiness and freedom are two different words, with similar meanings, and a few differences. A good source to prove this concept would be The Grand Inquisitor by Dostoevsky. According to Dostoevsky a human being tries always to find the difference in happiness and freedom. This brings about a few serious philosophical questions; can a person be both happy and free? And, can one survive without the other? In addition, which one is more pursued? Lastly, is there a "right- way to choose?.
             Happiness is a word is also associated with words such as peace and well-being. In the book The Grand Inquisitor, there is a character named Ivan Karamazov. This character is a brother of a monk, who is an orthodox religious person. Ivan lives in Russia so he is Russian orthodox, and he follows many statutes of the Christian tradition. He never directly states that he goes against common belief but uses particular "subjects- to convey his grievances. To say that he does not agree with the religious guidelines would be a horrible disaster. But he cleverly disguises his tribulations by using fictional characters. This of course makes him look like an insightful monk. Ivan describes happiness as a satisfaction of a desire. A desire is something that someone wants. This may not necessarily be useful or even good or healthy for the person, but they still desire it. The desires are associated with the Id. .
             This traces back to the Freudian Superego, Ego, and Id concept. The structure of the personality in psychoanalytic theory is threefold. Freud divided it into the Id, the Ego, and the Superego. Only the Ego was visible or on the surface, while the Id and the Superego remains below, but each has its own effects on the personality, nonetheless. The Superego is the part of the mind that is self-mastering, which means that the person can control and suppress desires and do what is good or right at the time.

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