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Nepal and the Happiness Index

            Ranked 96th globally on the prosperity index, Nepal apparently is also given the 47th place in the 'personal freedom' sub-index in 2014.(Legatum Prosperity Index, 2013-2014) The situation today is much more complex however, so all of these stats are expected to go down, implying the situation being less economically stable and the country being less prosperous. After the massive earthquakes the country went through it is not out of ordinary for a small nation to suffer long term effects. So this year has been disastrous to Nepal in multiple layers which will also contribute to this prosperity index to fall down as the sub-indices such as safety and security, and health will naturally go down. Although one may put forth the point that Entrepreneurship and opportunity will go up, but the reality will be far from it as the incompetent government and a corrupt lineage of top ranking officials will see or rather have already seen opportunities to fill their own pockets. Since all the international aid have been directed to go through a make-believe transparent prime minister's relief fund, the entire country knows exactly what to expect from the government, which is as minimal as any index can show without being 'too-low'. So any "Happiness" ratings based on this will be a highly skewed figure, regardless of how it changes.
             Given the current situation, if people in the rural, most-disaster affected location were asked what would make them happy, the answer would be along the lines of "a tent above our heads, and food to feed our children". If the same question was asked to slightly less hit areas the answer would be different, close to "funds to repair the damages to our houses and make way to get back to how it was". Now, when the question is poised to the ones around the capital city, the ones already back to almost-normalcy of lives, the answer would be completely different and closer to what they used to think before the earthquake.

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