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The Street Children of Nepal

            Imagine you have no roof above you when you wake up, no proper food to eat, no proper clothes to wear, no planned schedule for all day and most importantly, no family member beside you to look after and take care of you. Thousands of children are facing the same problem in the streets of Kathmandu, Nepal. According to Child Protection Center and Services (CPCS), there are around "5000 street children in streets of Nepal. Among them, 86% of them are rag picker and 62% are beggars" (2016, section 2). This leads to a serious problem as the number of street children are increasing day by day. This is not a problem of an individual rather it is the problem of the whole nation as the future of the nation is dying on the street deprived of education, health care, and family care. Reasons for children to move away from their home and spend their life in the street may differ from every individual. However, according to CPCS, the main reasons are "due to family violence, peer influence, economic factor and family disintegration" (2016, section 4). Solutions to the problem of street children can be carried out through the local level to the national and international level by looking for a family who is willing to adopt them, schools which can provide them free education or influence them to return back to their family. Since the number of street children is increasing every day and making the condition even worst, our government should take an action by investing money in local clubs or organization which work for street children to provide them their basic needs.
             Street children, either willingly or unwillingly are engaged in different criminal activities, drug issues, and child abuse. Solving the problem of street children helps to control crime rate in street, child abuse and drug issues among those street children. Furthermore, children are the wealth of the nation.

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