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Child Pornography

            "I would like so much to have something to sell, instead of selling myself - This was said by a girl named Jennifer who was rescued from prostitution by Virlanie Foundation. She is just one of millions of children who are involved in the child sex trade, prostitution. These children were innocent, they were not given a choice when they entered a life of prostitution. This paper will discuss child prostitution. It will provide the reader with a background of the atrocities that are occurring around the world. The paper will examine why children are forced to enter a life of prostitution. As well, the paper inform the readers of how others are responsible for the children becoming involved in the child sex trade. The paper will conclude with a look into child sex tourism. .
             Child prostitution and the sexual trafficking of children is humanities greatest crime. Every part of the world is affected by child prostitution. The amount of children becoming involved in the child sex trade is increasing at an alarming large amount. The age which the children are joining the sex trade is decreasing quickly. The profit potential in the life of a child prostitution is huge. So is the risk of disease and death.
             In India nearly thirty per cent of prostitutes are children. Joseph Gathia of the Center of Concern for Child Labor, claimed that prostitution, had a 3.7 billion annual turnover, was one of the single largest industries in the country. According to him, thirty per cent of all children forced into prostitution in India during the last decade were younger then twelve years old. .
             In the united states, Many prostitutes, especially those between the ages of 14 and 17 can make $500-600 dollars a night. This money is often used to bail their pimps out of jail. Child prostitutes rarely see more than a $25 dollar allowance from their earnings . In the Philippines a virgin could be worth 1200 pesos. Regular work can be between 50 to 300 pesos for 3 hours work.

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