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Fighting The Sex Trafficking Industry

            Fighting The Sex Trafficking Industry.
             The article "Rescued From Hell" by Jan Goodwin is about two women on a mission to stop the sex traffickers in India and Nepal. They are former sex slaves and have now opened Maiti Nepal's Hospice as a place for young girls with AIDS who are rescued from the sex trade industry to go and live out their short lives. These two women are also working the borders at the government stops to catch the traffickers before they are able to sell girls to the brothels. The governments of India and Nepal are only recently beginning to help stop these criminals. The local police are assisting Maiti Nepal in raids on the brothels to rescue many sex slaves from their captors. It is estimated that more than 2 million women work in India as prostitutes against their will.
             I was left in shock after reading the many horrific experiences these women have gone through and survived. This article shared many stories about the ways in which the traffickers are known to trick young girls into becoming sex slaves and how they are treated once sold to the brothel. I feel that the creators" of Maiti Nepal determination to end the inhumane treatment of women in their countries is admirable. These courageous women have overcome their won tragedies and are working diligently to stop this underground enterprise. They are working long hours and running the hospice while being ill every day with the symptoms that are the effects of AIDS. They have been crying out for help from the Indonesian and Nepalese governments while living without resources that they need. Their strong will and commitment to make a difference, andchange the turn-cheek attitudes of their governments, seem to be paying off. Now many of the traffickers are beginning to be prosecuted for their crimes. .
             I was also led to think of the many rights I have as a citizen of the United States and how often I take them for granted in my daily life.

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