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Philosophy: Freud and Kant

             In this essay I ask and research; To what extent do the views of Sigmund Freud.
             provide a better insight into the human condition that those of Immanuel Kant by .
             the standards of modern day? Immanuel Kant has theories that imply humans have.
             a particularly important role, creating a role in life. Sigmund Freud has theories which.
             broaden the level of complexion and allow for superior methods to use for more of .
             an accurate evaluation of a human/s. Kant is an insight into the human condition as .
             a whole, but by Freud being 'better' I mean that he represents a tool for discovering.
             parts of the human condition for more of a multi-cultural society which varies in .
             behaviour. Both points of view do not represent the basis of the theorists' full work.
             I have only used parts of their work to argue. Each theorist has far too much to their .
             work for me to use in this limited essay, so instead I am using certain aspects, and .
             focussing on them as means of sufficient comparison, to argue my point based on the.
             human condition. The body of the essay is constructed with a theory, followed by .
             an explanation and an example. The comparisons both go into the human condition. .
             Freud's point of view being that humans repress emotions/slash experience, by which.
             they unconsciously manifest through their general ego. Kant's theory relise more .
             upon the importance of morality as a key part to the human condition. My motives .
             for the comparison are to highlight the significance of Freud's theories above those .
             of Kant, but at the same time, avoid dismissing Kant's validity.
             The human condition remains unspecified and factually unexplained. It is a collection .
             of memories, morals, emotions and physical properties, i.e. Love, hate, anger, sorrow,.
             judgement, identity, recognition etc. These selected factors of the human condition.
             are in co-ordination with why life is dictated by consequence. Freedom and.
             determinism are key factors of the human condition.

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