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            All philosophy stems from our basic curiosity about how the universe works and what exactly our role is in its great expanse. It seeks to answer the unknown, to define the know, and make assumptions about how we are to interact socially, privately, and more importantly politically. These things are what I would argue are in the spirit and purpose of philosophy in general. So where has philosophy led us today? It seems to me that there has actually been devolution to the spirit of philosophy. The defense in a court case can rationalize that a person is not accountable for a murder if they were insane during the crime. Is this the "advantage of the stronger- as Thrasymachus presents to Plato (Plato 42). This persons anti-rational behavior is protected and legitimized in modern times and transcend the moral standards that have been set by society. Although we are growing exponentially in terms of technology we have stagnated in the realm of political thought and philosophy. There is chaos and anarchy in modern thought and anything goes. This deconstruction has taken place through the arch of many philosophers and movements. It is evidenced through writings, political structures, and art. From the Greek to the Post-Modern era, philosophy has both evolved and devolved into a tool for the righteous or profit for anyone who offers salvation or self-gratification. It is no longer an art or profession that is taken seriously and fundamentalism is the only "glue" that gives an increasing numbers of people identity and a grass roots movement. How did we get here?.
             The Greek era came after the Peloponnesian wars in which Sparta had won a decisive victory against the Athenians who were confident that they would claim victory over the militant state. Why had their liberal and free state lost this war? Their society was left with many questions and was in an intellectual frenzy. Philosophy and its agents stepped up to answer questions of justice, morality, and political structures that nurtured good.

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