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Bullies: How They Impact Our Society

             When one hears the term "bully", one may begin to think of television characters like "Butch" from The Little Rascals, "Mad Dog" or "SweetDaddy" from Good Times, or Mafia gangsters like "Scarface". The aforementioned characters are very indicative of the different kinds of bullies that are in our society. As often stated, art imitates life. Most people, as they watched these characters on television, were able to identify with them whether directly or indirectly. There may have been characters that reminded viewers of themselves or that reminded them of some other person whose path they may have crossed in their life time. It is probably safe to assume that everyone has bullied some other person or has been bullies by another person. There are many reasons that people become bullies or intimidators of others. So many people in this society are not good communicators or do not possess the adequate compassion or concern for the understanding of other people. This lack of compassion and misunderstanding translates into various types of bullying - verbal, emotional and physical. Many times we have seen the profound impact of bullying in our schools, within home environments and in the numerous correctional facilities across this nation. Social activists are continually fighting the authorities of this world to address and abate the harsh existence of bullying in this world. .
             Bullies: How They Impact Our Society .
             The world is full of a wide range of emotions and sentiments. It seems that nearly all sentiments can be classed within one of two broad categories: love or hate. The category of love encompasses such feelings as compassion, warmth, honor, loyalty and respect for oneself and mankind. On the other hand, the category of hate comprises more negative connotations such as inconsideration, wickedness, iniquity, animosity, envy and inhumanity. The latter category modifies a particular faction of our society - bullies.

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