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Equality and Diversity in Contemporary Society

            In the case study, the assignment will be looking at the notion of equality and diversity in contemporary society. The study will focus on the topic of poverty and how it affects the emotional, social and educational experiences of a child, positively and negatively. Relevant literature, as well as up to date legislation and policy involving equality and human rights will be used to look at the issue critically, by identifying the inequalities related to class and how it can have an impact upon the social, personal and educational experience of the child within school as well as parent and teacher. The case studies focal point is about a youthful girl who is singled out because of her socio-economic background, as part of the scenario the parent and teacher are involved.
             Christina is not a girl that everyone would characterize to be cool. She lives with a mother who is single is very poor and can't afford to by cool clothes, a mobile phone or an iPod like most of her classmates, she is also in receipt of free school meals. Her look is unimposing and she is wearing the old clothes which are often unclean and starting to tear, from her two older sisters. Stephanie is one of her class mates who is completely different to Christina and thinks that she is a joke. Stephanie's peer group behaves like a fan group. They exclude Christina as much as they can. Mrs Maughan is the class teacher. She has already recognized that Christina is a case of social exclusion and she asked the school counselor for advice. The school counselor encourages that Mrs Maughan to have a conversation with the involved girls and Christina's parent. .
             The case study written above emphasizes inequalities regarding class background as well as demonstrating how a child's physical appearance can play a big part on impacting their experience whether being in school or out of school. This essay will look at the ways in which social class can affect the child in terms of educational attainment and school experience.

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