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Keep College Sports

             Imagine life without college sports. You can't, right? I mean without college sports there would be nothing to watch on TV. I am obviously exaggerating, but if there were no college sports a lot more people would be found at home watching TV instead of getting much needed exercise. Not only that, but without college sports, students miss the chance to socialize with new people. Plus college sports bring a school together. And if you take away college sports, you are taking away the future of some who may otherwise have none. .
             Idol hands are the devil's playground. If college sports are taken away, then the students not playing sports are more likely to do bad things. Sports keeps them away from drugs and hanging around with a bad crowd. Sports has the potential to help turn bad people good. I know a wrestling coach who actually took in a kid and made him wrestle which gave him the determination to stick with it and the discipline to stray from his old life which would have landed him in jail. The time that would have been spent exercising is now being spent on the couch. Without sports, there is no motivation to get the exercise needed to live a healthy life. This especially goes for the people who are walk-on's for a team or join a club team. .
             Think about how many friendships would be lost had college sports never happened. Some of the best friends a person makes is practicing with them everyday and playing their hearts out with them. How would those friends have ever met without the aid of sports? It not only helps make friends on the team, but teaches socialization skills to help make other friends. Sports are a confidence booster because it gives a sense of purpose and people like to know that they are good at something. Plus the whole idea of school pride and spirit comes from sports. There are pep-rally's, signs all around the school, and people jumping and cheering.

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