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Paying College Athletes

            Imagine being a student-athlete in college for four years. There you are sitting in your dorm late at night trying to finish your homework when all of a sudden you get hungry. Now most restaurants on campuses close at ten or twelve o'clock, but you had to skip dinner to go shower after practice. What does a college athlete do in this situation? Many of them simply go to sleep hungry until the next day. College athletes have a heavier burden on their shoulders than regular students. They have to keep up their attendance and grades in the classroom while being present for practice. Student-athletes do not have the luxury of being able to work during their sports' season. Scholarships are not enough to compensate for what student-athletes bring to the table. College athletes deserve to be paid for their efforts and the value they bring to their respective universities. .
             Student-athletes have no choice but to keep their grades up. If they fall below a certain grade point average they will no longer be allowed the opportunity to be a student-athlete. Most universities have set grade point averages the all athletes must maintain to keep a scholarship. Said athletes must also make it to practices and do the tremendous amounts of homework that college professors hand out. Most sports teams practice every day and will sometimes even practice two times in one day. Several college athletes have to skip classes for their games. This means skipping an hour or more of valuable instructions from their professors. While all students have pressure to keep a certain GPA, athletes have more to lose. .
             A part-time job is a tremendous blessing to a college student. Students need ways to keep some money coming in, so getting an easy job is the best way to do it. Sadly, a student-athlete does not have a lot of time to even have a part-time job. With most days being spent at practices, away games, and coming back to complete homework an athlete will not have the time or energy needed to work a tedious part-time job.

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