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Grades And Sports

             Grades and Sports are important to teens because the will not be able to play sports in high school or college with bad grades. If you are really talented and you like to play sports than you better keep your grades up. On television they always have athletes with drug abuse and not being able to play in there first year because did bad in high school and didn't pass a test in high school. Some concerns teens have about my topic is that they will not be able to play sports because of bad grades. So just keep good grades and then you won't have any concerns. Some facts that I have are people are to worried about sports and skip class to go work on sport that you like and end up flunking out. This effects more than just teens it is effecting kids in college and are not allowing college kids to play sports with bad grades. Today more kids are forcing to sit out of there games because of bad grades. Some solutions for my topic is to just always get good grades and then you don't have to worry about not being able to play in your game. Some suggestions are to always do your homework do what you are told in class and do your work in class and every thing will work out your way.

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