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Grade Pressure

            With today's generation, students have a lot more responsibilities and are forced to grow up faster than the previous generations. These students not only hold the responsibilities for their educations but also their jobs and other matters in life. Many students feel the stress of managing their regular classes, homework, exams, studying, part-time jobs, and finding time to socialize with friends. In addition, high school students have the pressure of passing all the standardized tests, like the SAT, ACT, and Exit Exams, to be able to graduate. These students are under great pressure by their families, school, friends, and jobs. One of the heaviest pressures on students is the pressure to get good grades. Generally, it is caused by the parents who want them to have good grades, so they can get scholarships, get into a good college, and get a good job. If the students don't reach their parents" expectations, they would probably get punished or grounded. In addition, colleges look for well-rounded and high grade-point-average applicants, hence, the students feel the pressure to participate in sports, community services, and school leaderships besides school works. The students experience the high level of anxiety and tremendous pressure of trying to achieve satisfactory grades to impress theirs friends, relatives, and family. The students have been taught the impression that getting good grades will have a good career and good life-style. Consequently, they get very worried about their grades, because they believe the world is judging them based on their grades. The pressure to get good grades has becoming a threat to many students and causing many students start cheating, and taking drugs, and drinking alcohol.
             Because there is a lot of pressure to get good grades, students are willing to do anything to get that grade, even cheating. In high school, students have a great deal of pressure from their parents to take as many high academic classes as possible such as, Advance Placement and Honor courses, to accomplish requirements from the universities and to be accepted to college.

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