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Peer Pressure

            Many people do things that they really don't want to do, but they feel that they have to in order to be part of something. This is called peer pressure. Peer pressure is everywhere. People are much influenced in the opinions people might have about them. They let themselves be influence by others, even if it goes against their will. But in a way, it could be good. There are two different kinds of peer pressure. What matters is with who you"re dealing with. The person is responsible for choosing whether to be around good people, with good morals or with bad people. These are the ones that we have to be aware of. .
             The good peer pressure is the one that good people with good ideals inspire others to do the right thing, to be in the right track. Like if a teenager is hanging out with a group of friends that like to study and have good grades, it probably be influence to study and have good grades.
             Not everyone let themselves be influence by the bad peer pressure, but unfortunately some of them do. Peer pressure is not the healthiest thing to do because some people get in trouble or damage themselves just to please someone else or to feel part of a group and they don't even know it. This is the case in teenage peer pressure. Peer pressure among teenagers is the most common. Many teenagers do things that they normally wouldn't do at their age. But then, why they do it? To feel "in" or "popular" among others. It is obvious that people know the damages for drinking, smoking cigarettes, smoking pot, having early sex, using drug, etc But they do it anyway because everyone does it. The whole world is full of peer pressure. Every time people go out, they have to get wasted; otherwise, they won't have fun or spend a good time. That's the way of thinking of many people, especially, teenagers. It doesn't mean adults don't think that way too, but in teenagers the most common cause is peer pressure.

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