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Peer Pressure

             What is peer pressure it is when someone tries to influence you in to doing some you don't want to do and today that is what I"m going to talk about? You may have heard that you can be peer pressure in many ways, but today I will tell you how gangs will peer pressure you and tell you how they will use obedience and authority to cloud you judgment. The different ways they will try to get you in gangs are numerous there plenty. But first I will start from the beginning and give you a history of it first.
             In a sense the first real gang was the KKK the way they use peer pressure was to use a person hatred for a different race. And, they would try to feel your mind with different judgment and try to change your views on certain topics. The true purpose of being that gang was because if they didn't join they would be treated like the African Americans and most likely their life would be in danger and their family, or they would be called nigga lovers meaning the whole town would look differently on that individual.
             You can say that is where it started but as time went on gangs start coming in different races such as Blacks, Hispanics, Mexicans and Chineses. All these different culture have different ways of making people to do what they want them to do. With most of the gangs would have to do some kind of crime or kill a person of the opposing gang to join theirs. Most likely the group tell them what to do to gang their respect. If would disagree with certain terms you might have been beating up by them because they would assume that you might want to go to the gang.
             As the present times now gangs have became more serious because now gangs are killing instead of stealing. Just by you not being in a gang you are still in danger because they would try to force you to join their gang and if you don't would get terrorize and your family would even be in danger. Most likely they try to put ideas in your head saying if you join our gang you would be protected no one will mess with you.

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