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peer pressure can be good

             Everyone talks about how awful peer pressure is. we always think of it in terms of "bad It causes teenagers to use drugs,smoke, to drink, to do badly in school. We rarely think of the many "good" ways that peer pressure can influence us - and neither do the parents of teens However, if peers can influence others to make bad choices, they can also influence them to make good ones. .
             Generally people think of peer pressure as along the same lines as a young person who has taken the wrong paths and we look at those with whom he or she associates .
             Before teenagers can learn when to say "no" to peer pressure, they must learn exactly what they are rejecting, and why. . However, carefully looking at the two words, "peer" and "pressure," shows that good can also exist.
             The need to fit in and feel like part of the group peaks during early adolescence. So teens are more likely to conform to their peers' which is not all bad, because it is essential to proper social development that we do learn to "follow the crowd". This is how we learn to accept social norms; that is, how we are expected to act in the world in order to be good people.
             Peers provide an opportunity for teens to meet their needs, to feel capable, to belong, to be respected, and to have fun. While young people often experience these needs being met within the family, the peer group provides unique and different opportunity Increased self-confidence because they are accepted by the group. A sense of security and of being understood by others who are going through the same experiences.
             In families where children do not have these needs met, young people will likely turn to the peer group for attention, affection, and support as a replacement for family. Peers often listen to, accept, and understand the frustrations, challenges, and concerns associated with being a teenager The ability to make and keep friends is one of the most powerful indications of successful, positive peer group interactions.

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