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Peer Pressure

            Peer pressure can influenced me do something I usually would not do, and stopped from doing something we would like to do. We always experience peer pressure in our life as I am in a group follow a particular fashion or trend. Peer pressure can be a positive influence that help to challenge or make me to do better myself. Peer pressure can also be a negative influence that to make me do something that I do not know it is right or wrong. And it affects my study habits positively and negatively, and the behavior at school and in the classroom.
             I always experience that someone tells me what I should be doing. Sometimes, it may be a good idea to talk to someone I trust and share with him or her. But we have to process the opinion, which is given by them in order to make you feel I am doing in a right way. For example, when everyone gets an A in the class and I just get a B. The peer pressure would positively help me to do it better and catch up an A. Peer pressure may not always be obvious to me. It may be that when I am with a different group of friends I am unlikely to do those things. For example, I may not want to study with certain friends, and I may be more likely to study when you are with other friends. .
             Sometimes, it may not be a good idea to talk to someone that you do not trust. Some people just want to hurt the other people's feeling. They would say everything to hurt someone. For example, if I got a F in a class, some people would say that I am stupid and dumb etc., they just make me feel uncomfortable, and I have no confidence to do it better next time because they create a image for me that .
             I am always stupid and dump. Some people always place judgments on my choices. They do not respect me. It would really hurt my feeling and affect my study. .
             I think hanging out with people who like doing similar stuff may help me avoid a situation where I feel uncomfortable to do something by peer pressure.

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