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Peer Pressure

             Many youths in this society have to deal with peer pressure daily. Peer pressure comes in many different forms such as sex, making decisions, or helping you make a choice. .
             Peer pressure involves friends who influence life in many types of ways such as making decisions or choices that you do not want to make. (www.doitnow.org/pagews/63.html). Peers come from your school, your church, your neiboorhood, and often from a sport you might play. .
             Peer pressure is positive when friends tell children to join an activity, such as playing sports, going camping, and going to a community meeting. (www.ianr.unl.edu/pubs/family/nf21/.html). When a teenager's friend does not put a whole lot of pressure on them, then it is going to be positive.
             Negative peer pressure is a friend that tries to make decisions and choices that affect your life in a bad way. Teens try to fit in with their friends who all ways try to do the things that are not good for you and everyone else who is doing it. Peer pressure can be negative to because some of a persons friends can start to do drugs and aspect you to do drugs with them just because they are doing it. (www.iwannaknow.org/brain2/peerpressure.html). .
             Peer pressure can affect a child's parent's life when you are a teen. Teens like to hang with peers more than their parents do. Parents are hurt by the fact that teens hang with there friends more than their own parents; while they are doing that the parents start to feel rejection and they feel as if they are losing their children. (www.tipsonteens.org/topics/peers.html). .
             Another way how children affect their parents life because of the influence of peer pressure is by pushing them away from their from their life. Teens push their parents away because they feel as if their friends wont like them anymore. (www.nnfr.org/curriculm/topics/resilancy/peerpres.html). Children also push their parents away because their parents start to become interested in there life so the children start to push them away because they do not want them in there life.

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