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college pressure

             I hesitantly wake up to the sound of the same repetitive beep of my little black alarm, and prepare myself for a long day of uninteresting classes, and hours of work at a mall full of impolite costumers. Then, I have yet to come back to my room and begin to study and concentrate through all of the distractions in a college dorm. Finally, by 3 A.M I fall into a short, deep sleep that is just enough to get me past the next day with some help of caffeine. I ask myself, "Are college students today faced with more pressures than college students in the past?" "College Pressures" by William Zinsser, is an essay written in that 1970's that informs and persuades readers about pressures that a student may face due to high academic expectations. Zinsser discusses these pressures and states that they are caused by, overachieving and trying to satisfy the expectations of others. Overwhelmed by your inexhaustible pressures on me to succeed, I feel this results in me becoming a failure rather than successful. I feel that I put a great deal of pressure on myself, along with pressures from peers and you as parents. I sat in the Ritter library on a Sunday night and reviewed notes on the history of life for a grueling 6 hours, and in return expected to earn a good grade from this. But unfortunately it does not work that easily. I eagerly went to the front of the Human Biology lecture hall and confidently picked of the five- page test only to see my first failed test in my life. I felt a great deal of disappointment come over me as I walked back to my chair. I wondered how my roommate did better than me, and how you as my parents would feel. I know the comments would be that I must prioritize, have better time management, and use my extra time more wisely. After all, you did give me the opportunity to attend a nice, private school like ***, didn't you? I feel that that point of view is very narrow minded.

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