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            Regular exercise is an important health maintenance strategy for children and adolescents: it facilitates weight control; helps strengthen bones, and can improve cardiovascular risk factors. An active childhood may also lay the groundwork for a lifetime of fitness. Every child and adolescent needs exercise. It is a sound and largely risk-free investment in their present and future health.
             If you have any children you would know how they are. Children as we know it they are naturally and spontaneously active, and can be susceptible to many injuries. Whether the child is in competitive sport, has physical education in school or playing with friends after school they will get a bump here and bruises. We all know there are many sports out there, which kids love to play. There is basketball, baseball, football, track and field, hokey, gymnastics and etc. As children grow and play competitive sports they will experience this risks of injuries but it's all in the building process of stronger bones, muscles and cardiovascular protection. But that's not all the children get, by playing in competitive sport from a young age also steers them in the right direction in school and away from trouble. .
             To minimize injury risk, even though exercise-related mishaps are common "one study found that 22% of school-age children sustained injury during physical education class or in outside sports each year "most injuries were minor (23). .
             Other ways to minimize risk of injury parents should assess whether organized sports are conducted with appropriate attention to safety and injury prevention.
             Parents can determine the child's physical maturation level and match the child's size with and appropriate sport. Most competitive children sports are organized according to chronological age rather than physical skill or maturation like Pop Warner football. In little league the coach uses pitch counts to avoid overuse injuries.

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