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Culture of Sports Illustrated

             Sports Illustrated is a weekly magazine that deals with sports as a whole. as well as many adventure sports are covered. It is the most widely read sports magazine in the U.S. Although Sports Illustrated covers a wide range of sports related topics and articles, I do believe there is a core culture for the reader. The average reader is probably a male between the ages of 18-35. A majority of the readers probably lead an active life and also care about being healthy. They enjoy social togetherness and share a passion for sports in general. .
             The love affair with leading an active life has just recently sprung to new heights. With so much emphasis on staying active, many middle class men have become increasingly more active. Sports Illustrated has spotted this trend and has wisely added more articles and ads to please the readers. An ad for an Olympus Camera has the slogan: "Resists water, dust and snow". This camera and its ad campaign are clearly geared towards the adventurer. When you are out in the wilderness hiking a mountain, scuba diving, or even skiing, you want a camera that will last, and not break under pressure. Also included is a New Balance shoe ad. Their slogan is: "N is for Fit". Basically, they want to make this product appeal to a runner. Once a month, Sports Illustrated includes about 35 pages of SI Adventure. This magazine in a magazine is made solely for the active and adventurous person in each reader. .
             Along with wanting to be active, most of the readers also care about having a healthy outlook on life. With obesity becoming more and more of an issue in today's society, Americans are trying to eat and perform at a healthier level. An ad for a Pro Crunch bar by GNC shows a sweaty man just finishing a workout. Next to him is the slogan: "It's about sweat, determination and raising the bar". These protein nutrition bars will give you the energy to have a hard and long workout.

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