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Hip Unchecked

            A whole new face of a growing American culture is presented in an article by Steve Rushin titled "Hip Unchecked," which appeared in the June 1999 issue of Sports Illustrated. In this article, Rushin vividly describes the "American character" and ways we use language to create our identities. Rushin bemoans the continuous sarcasm and attitude to which he is witness, whether at the ballpark or in front of the T.V. He argues that our cultural values are evaporating and claims that we are becoming a "Wise Guy Nation." In the article entitled "Hip Unchecked", Rushin gives us many examples to prove his point.
             He begins his article with an incident at an amusement park in Middle America. At the park, Rushin observed many young kids wearing T-shirts that were imprinted with cutting remarks towards others which is not typical for their age group. Like the five year old kid wearing a T-shirt that commanded "SPEAK TO MY AGENT." Rushin goes back to his hotel where he once again faces the world of sarcasm and cynicism and this time not on trash talking T-shirts but on Television. TV shows that deliver mock news such as The Daily Show, The Late Late Show and The Tonight Show are few of the many TV shows that focuses on sarcasm as their theme. "Television now broadcast more news parodies than actual news programs", says Rushin. People aren't aware of what is really going on in the real world. There are newspapers that make literary ridicule using mockery and derision to demonstrate the negative aspect of human folly. .
             "Why is it wrong to give sympathy to someone who might need it?" Rushin questions the slogan "I WILL GIVE TREATMENT, NOT SYMPATHY". People think that it is uncool to become serious, honest and caring. .
             In Sports and on TV, sarcasm and cynicism are drowning out sincerity and compassion. The World is full of smart-alecks and civility is going down. People are separating themselves from their culture and busy creating a new culture which is full of sarcasm and cynicism.

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