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Women in Nazis Germany

            In the Germanic nations there has never been anything else than equality of rights for women. Both sexes have their rights, their tasks, and these tasks were in the case of each equal in dignity and value, and therefore man and woman were on equality .
             Adolph Hitler in 1935.
             The position of women at the beginning of Hitler's rule was moderate compared to other societies, in the political aspect, economic and social perspective. Women during the Weimar Republic had greater rights and freedoms. They were in the process of integrating into society as productive members of the social order at the time. Women were able to control much more of their lives, such as the radio; a new technology introduced to female control as early as 1924. Women were able to broadcast programs conceived and executed for them. Giving them a valuable piece of the media, to transmit women's ideas and influences to the women of the Weimar Republic. Women in the time of pre-Hitler rule were on the path to changing their traditional role to becoming a "new" type of German women. One where, they can control their own fate and destiny without the male hovering over their shoulder, restricting them from certain opportunities, that a woman could accomplish as well as a man.
             These progressive changes all took a turn when Hitler was brought into power in 1933. Hitler was very clear about the role of women in Germany once he took power. He publicly made many comments on what a good German woman should look like, how they should walk, how they should talk, basically everything that a German woman should be like according to Hitler. When Hitler came to power, one of his earliest laws that he pushed to pass was the "Law for the Encouragement of Marriage," which outlined certain benefits to the newly married couple. Such as, a government loan of 1000 marks, which at the time was roughly about nine months of regular income to the average worker at the time in Germany.

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