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How successful were Nazi Policies towards women

            Nazi policies towards women were mainly introduced as a reaction against the emancipation of women that was progressing throughout the Weimar period. Modernisation had led to women wanting to be more than just wives and mothers which in turn led to a decrease in family size, increase in divorce, contraception and abortion and a general decline in morality. Women had also been given the vote and been brought into the Reichstag. Hitler felt German Society was moving in the wrong direction and wanted to return to a traditional and more conservative role of women as child bearer, wife and home keeper.
             The Nazi ideology of women was that there were not inferior but just suited for different roles to men.
             The policy towards women in politics was that they had no place in it. Women were banned form all leading positions within the Nazi Party. As a result of this they joined Nazi Organisations instead. The German Women's Enterprise (DFW) taught women mothering skills and Nazi values and the National Socialist Womanhood (NSF) was intended to mobilise a mass female vote for the Nazi's. In this respect it was almost Nazi political female elite. This contradicted Nazi ideology of no women in politics but in practise women did not in fact have any say in politics. The leader of the NSF "had not yet once had the chance to discuss women's affairs in person with the Fuhrer".
             Nazi ideology discouraged women in employment, as they feared women would neglect heir duties as wife and mother. They did not however forbid it. Nevertheless there were many limitations as well as incentives to encourage women to stay at home. Marriage loans were introduced on the condition that women did not work, women were sacked from senior positions, from 1936 women could not be judges or lawyers and universities had to limit their female entrants to just 10%.
             At fist this policy worked well as the percentage of work dropped from.

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