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The Benefits of Professional Sports

            Professional Sports established their public fame since people could be excited by watching and playing it. The fact that 48% of people in Korea are fan of professional sports team shows the high social status of professional sports in Korea. Despite this, some people have a cynical attitude toward professional sports. They say enjoying professional sports is a waste of time, money, and energy. They also say that it is silly to care so much about it. However, professional sports are beneficial for both people's health and economy in various ways. .
             First, professional sports are beneficial for mental health of many individuals who are fans of professional sports. In the process of cheering for sports teams, people maintain healthy mental by connecting to others and having healthy social relationships. Quotes of Daniel L.Wann, who is a psychology professor at Murray State University and the writer of , are good examples. He said that fans that have their favorite sports team have higher self-esteem, and are less lonely and aggressive than non-sports fans. He also said that the more you identify with your favorite team, the more psychologically healthy you tend to be. This shows that professional sports can be good for your mental health. .
             Second, professional sports encourage people to exercise and maintain their physical health. People naturally actualize what they like in the real life. Similarly, fans of professional sports naturally actualize the games they watch in the reality that leads them to exercise a lot. The story of Ron Samaco, who is a 40-year-old Southern California resident and Angels fan, is a good example of how professional sports promote people's exercising. After Samaco became a fan of Angles by chance, attending Angel's games became his family activity. He said, "It's not just about being a fan. It is being an athlete and us doing it as a family togetherOur love toward Angles does lead to a healthier lifestyle I found myself out in the field doing my exercise while having fun with my kids.

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