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College Experience

             As a senior in high school, my mail box filled with college brochures that attempted to familiarize me with each campus and the various opportunities their institution had to offer. Now, as a college student, I realize just how little these colorful publications indicated what was awaiting me this fall. I have found that college is not just an "institute of higher learning- " rather, an experience. .
             The college experience is defined by once in a lifetime opportunities. Opportunities on the college campus range from sports and religious groups, to a unique social atmosphere, and recently discovered freedom. Truly, college offers something for everyone. .
             As a freshman presented with an abundance of opportunities, college proved to be welcoming. Even more welcoming was the fact that college marks a fresh start for everyone. Despite past popularity, or the embarrassing story that the entire high school knew, you do not enter college with a label. This new social beginning along with the freedom college provides, allows for personal discovery. .
             Making my own choices has forced me to grow as an individual. Discovering freedom has revealed the luxury of personal choices. At college, I decide everything I do, or don't do. No one to makes me get up for my eight o'clock class on Monday morning or enforces a nightly curfew. .
             Growing as an individual has helped me adjust to the unique system of living college boasts. This is the only time in my life where I am assigned to a complete strangers, and told me make an eleven by eleven room our "home- for the next nine months. On the contrary when I climb my five flights of stairs, I know that nearly twenty doors will be ajar, inviting me, a complete stranger, into the lives of my peers. .
             This system of living coupled with various opportunities for student involvement creates the life of the college campus. Every imaginable type of club exists on campus.

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