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College Of Charleston

             When I think of a wonderful yet challenging college I think of the College of Charleston. I feel that the College of Charleston will test my academic skills and my ability to adapt to new surroundings. If I was accepted to the College of Charleston, it would test myself in many ways including my academic goals, professional goals, and my personal goals.
             The College of Charleston would challenge myself academically wise by offering many classes that would benefit my future goals. With a wide range of classes for each major provided by the college I feel that I would be well prepared for my the world after my college career. I feel that attending the College of Charleston will transform myself into a superior student.
             In the years ahead of me I hope to one day become a successful dentist. With the dentistry majors and courses the College of Charleston provides I see myself fulfilling these dreams. After attending the College of Charleston I plan to apply to the Medical University of South Carolina to further my knowledge in the dentistry field. In all I strongly feel that with a well education from the College of Charleston I will be able to pursue my dreams of becoming a successful dentist.
             I have set many personal goals for myself in life such as: always try my best in school, work hard towards everything that I acquire, and to one day attend the College of Charleston. Ever since I can remember when someone asked me where I planned to go to college I would say without any hesitation the College of Charleston. In the end, attending the College of Charleston will in the end better myself both as a better student and a better person.

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