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             From any direction the drive to Charleston, Illinois is boring. To get to Charleston you have to drive threw many little towns and 100 miles of corn and bean fields. But once you get threw all the flat plains and fields you will arrive in the small town of Charleston. The drive might be boring but the town is anything but. Charleston is one of the best town's to live in the whole state of Illinois. .
             When entering Charleston from the west the first thing you will see is the brand new, brick, two storied welcome center. There you will find all of the attraction, such as Lincoln Log Cabin where Abe Lincoln lived. Lincoln Log cabin is a pretty neat place to visit. There you can dress up in old fashion clothing and take part in a regular day when Abe Lincoln was around. The men get to shovel manure and feed the animals while the women get to make the meals only using what the men harvest. Or if you don't like the outside you can go to one of the oldest building in Charleston, Will Rogers, which is a movie theatre. It is an old building right off the square. The brick is old and cracked and it has a window in front of the building where you buy you tickets at. There is something for everyone to do for people of all ages. If you like bowling Charleston has two bowling alleys. If you like to drink and smoke Charleston Lanes is the place for you. It has cheap drinks and stays open pretty late but if you like the cleaner environment where there is no smoking or drinking just bowling the Eastern Lanes is the place for you. If you don't like bowling you can go to the nineteen miniature golf course to help you on your putting game so when you decide to go to one of the two golf courses you will have your "A" game. Also, right next to the miniature golf course is the Olympic sized pool with an enormous water slide and a high and low springboard. It is great to go and relax in after you get done with a couple rounds of golf.

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