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Career Interests

            In order to find the right career for oneself, one must examine her self-evaluation of her interests. One must examine her abilities and values. With all the positions to choose from, many people have a difficult time deciding which career path to take. Business/Management has many areas of profession that anyone can accomplish.
             Self-employment is about being in control of one's life. She is her own boss, and she gets all the benefits that she works for. When working for someone else, one's financial and personal future is restricted. Most people who become wealthy are self-employed. Today, one can work from nearly anywhere. There is always the concern of getting enough business. The most secure job may be to own one's own business. One must always keep marketing, or things could begin to drop. If one does not have a sufficient amount of customers to fall back on, one will not be able to continue her business (Wendy Johnston). .
             Marketing plays an important part in successful business undertakings. The way one markets one's business will determine one's level of success or failure. The major factor to successful marketing is to know the customers. They are the ones to determine whether one stays in business. Look for ways to gather as much insight and suggestions from customers in positive situations. Ask for their advice, problems, and insights (Bettermanagement.com Library). .
             Pricing is difficult for one who works on its own, because they cannot locate the price of their experience and ability. A good cash flow is at the center of the business financial process and is important for one's business survival. Using a spreadsheet or purchasing a simple budgeting program will work just fine (ColoradoSBDC.com). One should go out and shop, comparing similar products to theirs, to see what the prices are like. There are also industry standards that will give guidelines (Wendy Johnston). Some pricing strategies are retail cost and pricing, competitive position, pricing below competition, and price lining.

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