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A Career in Psychology

            The career I have in mind that is interesting to me is counseling psychology. As you have noticed this career is closely matched to interests and personality type. Even though I have many other career avenues, I still chose to research this specific career in depth. A person(s) in counseling psychology will usually use personality test/assessments, interviews, case histories, and observation methods to evaluate a patient's problems, needs, and goals. Counseling psychologists will evaluate data and from there create an action plan or treatment plan to counsel a patient with. The goal in this career is to help each patient work toward developing and adjusting social, educational, personal, and vocational skills. .
             I'm not very interested in this job, but is I had to choose one in this field, this would be it, because I always had an interest in listening to people and their "problems." This started around when I was 12. My friends, family, even people I rarely talked to have come to me for emotional support, advice and confidentially. I always wonder what people see in, but have been amazed and humbled by the trust people place in me. The idea of being the person that one or more persons could talk to me about anything and not feel threatened is very exciting and a little heartwarming to me; I love the idea of being a problem solver.
             I see this career as having many advantages and few disadvantages. From a personal standpoint, the biggest disadvantage or problem I would face is that becoming too busy or occupied in a patient's problems. I tend to worry way too much, and I see this as an obstacle that i may have to consider and learn to overcome. Other than that, the choices planner, cited that a career in counseling psychology may have some awkward hours, but to me that's really not an obstacle. The biggest advantage would be that this career is the one I find personally rewarding and fulfilling.

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